Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mind Games by Carolyn Crane - Review

Justine knows she's going to die. Any second now. 

Justine Jones has a secret. A hardcore hypochondriac, she's convinced a blood is about to burst in her brain. Then, out of the blue, a startlingly-handsome man named Packard peers into Justine's soul and invites her to join his private crime-fighting team. It's a once-in-a-lifetime deal. With a little of Packard's hands-on training, Justine can weaponize her neurosis, turning it outward on Midcity's worst criminals, and finally get the freedom from fear she's always craved. End of problem.

Or is it?

In Midcity, a dashing Police Chief is fighting a unique breed of outlaw with more than human powers. And while Justine's first missions including one against a nymphomaniac husband-killer, are thrilling successes, there is more to Packard than meets the eye. Soon, while batting her attraction to two very different men, Justine is plunging deeper into a world of wizardry, eroticism, and cosmic secrets. With Packard's help, Justine has freed herself from her madness - only to discover a reality more frightening than anyone's worst fears.

I loved the beginning of this book. My e-book copy of the beginning is literally all highlighted! It was fresh, and different - something that I've never read before.

Justine, after growing up in a house full of hypochondriacs has developed hypochondria too, and seems to believe she has star-vein syndrome - that a blood vessel is going to burst in her brain and she's going to die, just like how her mother died. I loved Justine's neurosis, her hypochondriac theatricals made my laugh and smile - Cubby's disinterest specifically made me giggle.

'There are four stages my boyfriends - really, all my friends - go through: concern, ridicule, disdain, and finally flight. Cubby, I realize with a sick heart, has just graduated to disdain. I touch my head. Actually, the pinpoint sensation has lessened. The tingles linger, but yes, it could be anxiety.'

I loved how Justine interacted with her clients, how she zinged her hypochondriac fear into crazier, and I mean crazy in the sense of psychotic, people. However, Justine's insecurities and need for perfection with her boyfriend began grating on my nerves. Packard made a point of Cubby not accepting her for what she is, and I could see that. Justine strived so much for perfection that regardless of Cubby being unfaithful, she seemed to be able to forgive him - she only ended it because her neurosis made Cubby bitter. This made no sense to me.

Packard. Maybe it was just me but I didn't connect to him, not in the sense of a love interest. That could be because regardless of being in a relationship, Justine was fixated on any hot guy in her vicinity: she had a connection with this guy, and that guy, and this guy. I was just like really? I did love Packard. But he just didn't stand out for me. However, on the other hand Simon. Sigh. This guy made me swoon. This is why I think it might just be that wasn't all that keen on Packard - I wanted more Simon (think I have a slight bad-boy complex, yikes!)

I adored Carter, Hemlum and Shelby. This secondary characters were kick-ass!!! They were just simply amazing; they provided Justine with a sense of companionship and friendship she had never experience and it was just beautiful.

Now, Chief Otto Sanchez. I didn't understand Justine's obsession with this guy - she didn't know him personally at first (I should have really read the blurb better). He just seemed like another guy for her to have a connection with. I knew there would be something significant about him, but did not expect that twist. And after the hot-tub scene, I felt so sorry for Otto, so sad. His speech nearly brought tears to my ears. It was so poignant and beautiful.

If you're looking for a different type of Urban Fantasy book that usual, this is the book for you.


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