Thursday, 29 January 2015

Carrying His Secret by Marie Ferraella - Review (ARC)

Family secrets... 

For years, Elizabeth Shelton kept her attraction to Whit Adair hidden. But when one explosive night with the gorgeous tycoon leaves her pregnant, it's not just her heart that's at risk. Because the Adair family have been targeted by a killer... and Elizabeth is next on their list. When Whit learns of the danger Elizabeth is in, he immediately whisks her away to his ranch, the only place where he can keep this beautiful, vulnerable woman safe. And, once he learns that Elizabeth is carrying his child, Whit knows that he'll defend their future... whatever it takes

This was an incredibly sweet, short read. I absolutely loved the simpleness of this book - no angst or unnecessary drama between the heroine and the hero. 

After finding her boss dying on his office floor from a gunshot wound to the chest, Elizabeth is appalled to be dragged to the police station to be interrogated about how she came about finding Mr. Adair's body. They think she's a suspect behind the murder of her boss - that she was having an affair with him. That is far from the truth, it's damn laughable to Elizabeth. She's pregnant with the bosses' son - after one drink too many and a raging storm making them incapable of leaving their hotel, one thing leads to another, and results in a baby!

All Whit Adair wanted was his father's approval - he wanted his father to tell him how proud of him he was. But his father was murdered before he could his approval. When hearing that Elizabeth is being questioned in relation to his father's murder, he heads straight down to the police station to rescue Elizabeth.

Ever since that night, Whit has been avoiding Elizabeth - but he can't no longer. His father's murderer has Elizabeth in their sights, and is looking to create a double homicide. So, Elizabeth is staying with his family until they catch the killer - but the killer may be closer than they think...

The chemistry and love between these two was simply adorable - when Whit found out Elizabeth was pregnant, but didn't know the baby was his, you could literally see the jealousy pouring off of him.

Can I just say how much I hated his bitchy mother - I mean, how spoilt can an old lady get?! I was like, someone needs to bitch-slap you and take you down, not a couple of pegs, but how about a couple of freaking feet! 

And that twist! Did not expect that. I thought it might have been the lost older brother, out of jealousy and bitterness!

ARC given by the Author and Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Release date: 1st February 2015


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