Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Her Baby and Her Beau by Victoria Pade - Review (ARC)

A kid for a Camden? 

Schoolteacher Kyla Gibson spends her days keeping kids in line, but it's not quite the same as having a family of her own. But when Kyla is named guardian to her newly orphaned infant goddaughter, she becomes an insta-mommy! Soon, though, she's in over her head and she's stunned when her SOS is answered by the last man she ever expected to seek.

Former marine Beau Camden is shocked to see Kyla again and with a baby! It's been fourteen years since their last night together, after which she went AWOL. But the time for odd grievances is past, and Kyla desperately needs his magic touch with little Immy. Can the soldier and his former sweetheart heal old hurts to create a future together, Camden style?

This book was a second-chance at love and was such an incredibly sweet book. I absolutely adored this book! This book was such a sweet, short book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Beau and Kula met when they were 16 one summer on Beau's Northbridge family ranch. They fell madly in love, but then Beau left to go back home and get ready for Annapolis to prepare him for the marines. Knowing that she'd be moving soon as her parents move often, Kula decided no contact after the summer was over. However, when their summer romance resulted in surprise, it was all Kyla could do to reach out to Beau. However, having an interfering great-grandfather resulted in Beau never knowing about the possibility of his child, and thinking he had called her degrading names and wasn't showing responsibility for his actions, Kyla began hating Beau.

I fell so hard for Beau in this book, he was just so incredibly sweet and adorable. A couple months out of the marines and Beau is having trouble adjusting to civilian life. Still stuck in the military mentality of schedules, regiments and 0500 hours time, Immy and Kyla are the much needed distraction he needs. He's also trying to make amends for how his great-grandfather treated Kyla's pregnancy. So when Kyla had no one left to turn to for help with raising a new baby and recuperating from an accident, Beau offers his help. Beau was just so loveable - he tries to get a schedule in order for Immy, but he's okay with going with the flow. He was just like a big teddy bear.

After visiting her one remaining relative to become godmother to her cousin's new born daughter, Kyla never expected a house fire to take Rachel away from her and leave her with 8-week old Immy and a booming truck stop business to care for. With an incredibly sprained wrist from where she jumped out of a window, Kyla reluctantly had to accept Beau's help for Immy's sake. However, Beau's all grown up, and she's still attracted to him. A completely connected to Kyla. She was a really likeable character. She found out the truth about Beau and what really happened 14 years ago, and she didn't dwell on it, she just moved on. She didn't hum and ha, wondering whether or not she should believe him. It was a refreshing change from all the other whiney heroines I've read in the past.

This was a Beau-tiful (see what I did there?! ;) ) short, sweet, lovely second-chance at romance book. I encourage you guys to get this - NOW!

ARC given by the Author and Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Release date: 1st February 2015


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