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2015 was a good year for me as a reader - I finally started a blog (this years resolution is to be less sporadic with it) and I started university studying English (woop!)

So, to kick off the NEW YEAR I'm going to post my TOP TEN READS of 2015! It was really hard to narrow down, but I'm happy with my choices...

In tenth place we have...
Grayson's Vow
Even though this book released back in September, I have only just gotten round to reading it these past few weeks (Christmas break from university = major reading binge).

I absolutely loved this book - I loved Grayson the dragon, and Kira the Witch. I loved the setting. I just really loved this book; everybody needs to just go read it. Right now. Seriously.

In ninth place we have...
This book was so poignant and had such a deep meaningful message. I loved this story so much.

I loved how confident Lily was with her body and face - she may have a unique face, but she doesn't take any crap because of it. She was incredibly empowering and inspiring.

Maxwell. Sigh. I loved this complicated fellow.

Eighth place goes to...
Ride Steady
Anybody who knows me knows of my love of Kristen Ashley and her books, and this one did not disappoint.

I loved Joker and Carissa. I loved how Joker was with Carissa's baby. How he protected and provided for her.

I loved this book - go read it guys.

Seventh place belongs to...
Rhythm, Chord and Malykhin

I loved this book! It was amazing - my new book favourites this past year has been 'rock romance'. I loved Mariana Zapata's Under Locke (MC romance) so was psyched when I found out she had released this. My fave two book sub-genres, by one of my fave authors.

This book was amazing. A sweet, slightly angsty-read. You guys need to read this!

The sixth place goes to...
Reaper's Fall
I love Joanna Wylde. I love the Reapers MC. I loved Painter. Sigh.

Painter redeemed himself for me in Reapers Stand, and so I couldn't wait for his book. He didn't disappoint. I absolutely loved this book. 

I loved Melanie. Painter. Their daughter. The club. This book is just awesome! Go read it.

Fifth place goes to...
Transcending Darkness

Weeks, and I do mean weeks, after reading this book it is still in my mind. This book was freaking amazing! It literally blew my mind.

I loved this book. I loved Juliette. I loved how resilient she was. How she didn't expect anything. (I think this book is in need of a re-read - soon!) Killian stole my heart in this book. Guys, seriously go read!

Fourth place goes to...
This book was absolutely amazing. I freaking loved this book. I loved Alexa. I loved Caine. Sigh. 

This book is a not just a must, but a must re-read (I'm going to go do that - soon!)

Third place belongs to...
Moonlight on Nightingale Way

As much as I loved Caine and Hero, Logan stole my heart in this book, also released by Samantha Young. She's a kick-ass author. Go check out all her books. Seriously.

Logan. Grace. I loved these two. Go check it out. Right now. Please?

In second place is the great...
Jake Becker. Sigh.  This guy was amazing. He literally stole my heart, just the way he was with the kids. I want a Jake Becker. No, correction - I need a Jake Becker!

This story is such a good, fluffy, romance. If you liked Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor, you'll love this!

THE DEAL by Elle Kennedy
This book is freaking amazing. A fluffy NA - who woulda thunk it? This book is just so good! 

Garrett and Hannah had me in stitches, laughing my ass of at their shennanigans and banter. Garrett is my number one fave book boyfriend from the College Sports Romance!

So, that's my top ten! Can you see the trend? Evidently I have a thing for tortured heroes. When I set out doing this I didn't realise how hard it would be to decide. Anyway, these books you don't want to miss. Add them to your TBR and get reading!

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