Monday, 19 September 2016

Tailored For Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff - Review

A sassy, sexy, laugh-out-loud rom-com between the hottest man never to be tamed and the woman crazy enough to try


Taylor Reed is no stranger to selfish, uncaring CEOs. She was fired by one, which is why she has created her own executive training program—helping heartless bosses become more human. So Taylor shocks even herself when she agrees to coach Bennett Wade, the cutthroat exec who got her unceremoniously canned. She’d love to slam the door in his annoying but very handsome face, but the customers aren’t exactly lining up at her door. Plus, this extreme makeover will give Taylor the golden opportunity to prove that her program works like a charm.


Bennett Wade is many things—arrogant, smug, brusque—but trusting isn’t one of them. Women just seem to be after his billions. So when he hires Taylor Reed, he has no desire to change. Bennett is trying to win over the feminist owner of a company he desperately wants to buy, but something about the fiery Taylor thaws the ice around his heart, making Bennett feel things he never quite planned on. And if there’s one thing Bennett can’t stand, it’s when things don’t go according to plan.

They are a match tailor-made for trouble.

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love Mimi Jean Pamfiloff as an author. I first read Fugly and just fell in love with this author's work, and this new series is no different.

This book is simply amazing! I've never laughed so much at just one book; I think I pretty much laughed at every other page. This book is jam packed with silliness: from the love cookies, to the overall love-hate-kidnap-work thing they have going on. This book is just hilarious.

I absolutely love Taylor. She was fiesty, fun, and did not take any of the dirt Bennett dished out. I loved how she didn't cower when faced with his anger or wrath; this girl stood up for herself and didn't allow herself to be intimidated like others (such as her cowardly boss!)

Bennett Wade. Where to begin with this cuddly asshole. And that's what he is. A big, giant, soft, cuddly bear who can be quite prickly. I couldn't help fall for this guy. He's so sweet but prefers to hide it. I just adore this man!

I loved all the secondary characters as well: Candy, Bennett's mum, Taylor's brother and best friends. The secondary characters in this book are really likeable and I cannot wait to read more about them in their own subsequent books.

This book is a must read guys! Get reading. Seriously. You won't regret it!


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