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Dark Debt (Chicagoland Vampires #11) by Chloe Neill - Review (ARC)

Between standing Sentinel of Cadogan house and making society
appearances with House Master Ethan Sullivan, a new member of the American Association of Vampires, Merit has her hands full. The last thing she needs is trouble, especially of the deadly kind.

But when an old friend shows up in need, Merit can't refuse. Morgan Greer, Master of Navarre, has gotten himself into serious debt with a dangerous Chicago crime syndicate known as the Triad. And they're willing to exact more than a pound of flesh for payback - unless Merit can find a way to stop them.

Only the Triad's connections go deeper than Merit knows, and even one wrong move could be her last...

OMG! Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Chloe Neill and the Chicagoland Vampires Series. I love Merit, Ethan, the side characters. Everything. This series is just incredibly kick-ass!

So, this book starts a month after the events of the last month, and we'e straight in the middle of things. Ethan, Merit and the Guards of Cadogan House are on high alert after finding that letter from Balthasar in Ethan and Merit's apartments. The book opens with Merit, Ethan, Mallory and Catcher having a Spring night picnic in the park, when they're called home as Balthasar has alerted the press that he's ready for a reunion with his 'son'. 

Ethan isn't taking the news that his creator is alive very well. I mean, could you blame him? After being dragged throughout all of Europe killing and abusing women, Ethan had had enough and decided to leave. Balthasar wouldn't allow him that so killed Persephone, the woman Ethan was involved with at the time. Ethan left, and thought Balthasar dead as he witnessed Persephone's family decapitating him. However, the face-to-face reunion with Balthasar isn't rainbows and sunshines. Ethan despises his creator, so confirming the fact that he is actually alive isn't exactly comforting. 

I love Ethan. I fell in love with Ethan in the first book of this series, and with each book I fall more and more in love with him. He is the alpha-male. He's possessive, sweet, caring. He protects not only his house, but those who he considers his - his family, his friends, his Sentinel.

"You're my future wife and the mother of my future child. I will protect you against any threat, living, dead, or undead, just as I promised in my oath to this house."

Merit. God, I love this kick-ass heroine! She doesn't whine, moan or bitch. She deals with what life hands her with finesse, and grace. Hell, she even has grace in this book - wearing stunningly beautiful gowns, that have to be insured as she makes a habit of destroying them. However, Balthasar is a big poisonous problem. He's powerful, and has his sights on using Merit to make Ethan pay. He literally invades her mind - violates it, and in effect creates a distance between Merit and Ethan. Merit is not as immune to glamour anymore, and she can't stand the feel of it.

'I took in air through painfully tight lungs. He took a step close, visibly flinched when I pulled back farther.'

I love Catcher, Jeff and Chuck. The Holy Trinity of Ombuddies. These guys are just so perfect. Fighting on the side of Supernaturals and solving crimes. The crime in the book is an attempted murder of a shady man, by two vampires. Yikes. These vampires, surprisingly Navarre, are attempting to kill King to protect their house. Celine Desauliners. Not only did she cause so much trouble when she was alive, she's causing it now that she's dead. Leaving her house in debt with the Circle, a mob-like association, the Circle will allow the house to have their debts nulled if they publicly murder King at Adrien Reed's house. However, being in the right place at the right time, Ethan and Merit prevent the murder. 

Can I just say that I got a premonition about Reed. 

"As I'm certain you're well aware, I don't need publicity. And I don't appreciate the tenor of the question."

I even highlighted and noted when we were introduced to Reed that I thought he was a shady and shifty guy. I just didn't expect that twist...

This series is incredible. I suggest if you haven't read the series, firstly, why the hell not? You're missing out. And secondly, get reading. The eleven books in this series, and the remaining two to come out are awesome! They will honestly go down as one of my favourite series of all-times - I've lost count of how many times I've reread this series, and I will continue to reread this series!

Get reading guys!

ARC given by the Author and Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Release date: TODAY!!!


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