Monday, 1 August 2016

Fool Me Once by Katee Robert - ARC Review and Guest Post

They say opposites attract, but this is just ridiculous. 

Aubry Kaiser doesn’t like people—actually, that’s not right. She loathes people. With her crippling anxiety, there’s no way she can demo her favorite video game at a convention with five thousand other people. Maybe if she brings someone to act as a shield…

But the only person available is the sexy cowboy she can’t stand.

Quinn Baldwyn is in a mess of his own. He’s been dodging his wealthy family’s matchmaking attempts—and life advice—for years, but with his sister’s wedding on the horizon, he needs of a shield of his own.

He and Aubry can barely hold down a civil conversation, but in bed…fireworks. And the closer they get to Quinn’s sister’s wedding, the more he realizes that he might actually like Aubry.

Now it’s up to him to convince her she might actually like him, too.

I absolutely loved this book! These two together were amazing! I loved them! They had amazing off-the-charts chemistry.

Aubry is my kind of girl; she has tattoos, play's video games and doesn't really like people or socialising. We're literally twins! Aubry is the kind of girl I could be besties with, she is just simply amazing.

I loved Quinn. He was such a little softie. I loved everything about him. He was such a little cutie-pie. Except when it came to Aubry. I loved how he wound her up, got under her skin. He was incredibly funny and made me laugh so much.

As soon as I got up to the gamer's convention it was all I could do to make time pause or slow down so I could take my time. But I just couldn't. Because this book is amazing. I was flicking pages incredibly fast. 

This book is simply amazing. A must-read! Enjoy and read it guys!

Guest Post: Interview
1) How did you get into writing?
I’ve always written, but I started writing seriously for publication when I was in Germany with 2 children under 3. It was write or go absolutely crazy, and that’s how I got started.

2) When you're not writing, what do you like to do?
I play a lot of Call of Duty, and I’ve also started selling LuLaRoe because it’s a different mental exercise than writing is (also, pretty clothes!)

3) What was the most memorable book you have read?
The Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco. It’s one of the most compelling books I’ve ever read, and it stayed with me for months afterwards and I still think about it on a regular basis. I basically thrust that book into people’s hands because not nearly enough have read it. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

4) What advice could you give to an aspiring writer?
Finish the damn book. It’s been said, and probably been said in a prettier way, but the thing that sets writers apart from people who want to be writers is finishing the book. You do that and you’re really on your way. The length of the journey depends on the writer, but refusing to give up and finishing the book (and the one after that, and the one after that) is the single most important thing.

5) How do you balance your love of writing your own novels and reading other author’s novels that you love and enjoy?
Sometimes it’s really tricky. I’ve found that I can’t read in the genre I’m writing because I either get a complex (reading a finished product and working on a first draft will do that) or I accidentally start to mirror that author’s voice. So I read in different genres and I also read a lot more nonfiction now than I had before. Current reads include Church of Spies (about the Pope in WWII’s secret plans to take down Hitler), and The Devil in the White City (about the World Fair in Chicago and H.H. Holmes, who built a murder house and killed a truly outstanding number of people before he was caught).

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